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We specialize in geometric modeling, CAD/CAM, and scientific visualization.

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Gerald Farin, PhD is a professor of Computer Science at Arizona State University as well as Director of the research group PRISM (Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling). Gerald worked for four years in CAD/CAM development at Mercedes Benz in Sindelfingen, Germany. He has taught geometric modeling tutorials worldwide, given more than 100 lectures worldwide, published more than ninety papers and five books.

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Dianne Hansford, PhD is an associate research professor in the School of Computing and Informatics at Arizona State University. Her research activities are in PRISM. Prior to joining PRISM, she was a Fulbright research scholar in Germany, she worked in the CAD/CAM industry for twelve years, and she co-founded 3D Compression Technologies. She has co-authored three books.

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