Curves and Surfaces for CAGD
A Practical Guide

5th edition

by Gerald Farin

Published by Morgan-Kaufmann

Published 2002
499 pages

ISBN 1-55860-737-4

Curves and Surfaces for CAGD: A Practical Guide provides a unified treatment of all the significant methods of curve and surface design, and it is heavily focused on the movement from theory to application.

Curves and surfaces are used for the computer description of parts such as car bodies or hair driers; they are also used to represent scientific data such as terrain models or fossil bones. This book covers the basic theory behind all these applications and points out how theoretical concepts lead to applications.


  • Provides authoritative and accessible information for those working with or developing computer-aided geometric design applications.
  • Covers all significant CAGD curve and surface design techniques -- from the traditional to the experimental.
  • Presenta topical programming exercises useful to professionals and students alike.
  • Offers complete C implementaions of many of the books examples. (Available on this site.)
  • Hundreds of figures illustrating mathematical concepts.
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