Consulting Services

We specialize in geometric modeling, CAD/CAM, and scientific visualization.

  • industrial curve and surfaces applications
  • Bezier, B-spline, and NURB techniques
  • interpolation
  • approximation
  • shape analysis
  • triangular meshes
  • Dirichlet tessellations
  • subdivision surfaces
  • marching cubes
  • level sets

Together, Gerald and Dianne have nearly fifty years of experience in this area.

Our consulting services include

  • custom software development
  • advisement on best-practices in our expertise domains
  • tutorials
  • on-site courses

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Our textbooks might be helpful for you too.

  • Curves and Surfaces for Computer Aided Geometric Design
  • The Essentials of Computer Aided Geometric Design
  • Practical Linear Algebra -- A Geometry Toolbox
  • NURBS from Projective Geometry to Practical Use

Please see our Books page for details.

Some past projects

  • Adaptive triangulation of NURBS surfaces: Discretize (triangulate) a NURBS surface adaptively for faster rendering and analysis
  • Data format conversions: Bezier, B-spline, Hermite, NURBS, conics, IGES, etc....
  • Utility functions: Just about any NURBS or Bezier utility function you can think of! (evaluation, subdivision, degree elevation, etc)
  • Milling tool size detection: Analysis of surface curvatures and features for the purpose of determining the appropriate cutting tool radius (radii).
  • Electronic cam: Define instructions necessary to simulate cam action in the cutting of straight and helix fluted taps
  • Automatic parametric design of a turbine blade: Create a software library to automate the turbine blade design process so that a given set of 2D profile curves uniquely defines the 3D geometry as a C2 NURBS surface
  • Surface extension: Extend a surface linearly or with continuous curvature
  • Match edge tangency: master/slave surface smoothness correction (position or curvature continuity)
  • Satellite dish positioning: Determine the azimuth angle given a satellite's location
  • Tooth modeling: Mathematical modeling of the bracket area of teeth for the purpose of analysis over population groups -- better braces design
  • Prosthetic modeling: Mathematical modeling of a prosthetic given a scanned body part (knee area, ankle or midfoot)
  • Tactile laser scanner software: NURBS modeling of surfaces scanned by a tactile laser scanner.
  • Bifocal/Trifocal lens design: Mathematical models of lenses for photorealistic display and manufacturing
  • Custom shoe software: Scanned foot data would be converted to a custom last. We worked with some of the finest last designers to develop a feasible in-store scanning, last creation, and shoe making technology.

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