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Practical Linear Algebra - A Geometry Toolbox


The Geometry Toolbox
for Graphics and Modeling

by Gerald Farin & Dianne Hansford

published by AK Peters, Ltd. 1998
288 pages, ISBN: 1-56881-074-1


We are quite appreciative and rather pleased with the reviews and feedback of readers of The Geometry Toolbox. Below we list where reviews may be found, and we have supplied excerpts from a few reviews. Originals (or scanned originals) will be posted in the near future.



Review Excerpts:

Written in a deceptively easy-to-read style, ... this textbook provides a solid foundation in the mathematics needed for graphics and modeling. ....
The clarity of the style and the geometric nature of each explanation by themselves makes this text an important reference. ...

--P. Samella
in Computing Reviews September 1998


I am writing an intro computer science text and am reading all the other basic texts. Your new geometry toolbox book is TERRIFIC.

--Peter Shirley
School of Computing
University of Utah
email correspondence


This book has a number of important advantages. First, the book provides intuition into the vector meaning of transformations and manipulations. Furthermore, ...

--A. Fischer
Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
CMSR Lab. for Computer Graphics and CAD
Technion- Israel Inst. of Technology
in Computer Aided Design
vol 32, issue 4, 2000


Your book, The Geometry Toolbox, is without a doubt one of the best written pedagogical works I've ever read and certainly the best in geometry.

--Lewis Stiller
email correspondence


...I am working on a Masters of Computer Science at Syracuse University. I also work at Lockheed Martin on a trainer/simulator for a sonar system ....

I found your book at the SU math library. Is excellent. Part of my job involves contact geometry and I have found your book to be helpful. I like the fact that it is done in postscript. Some of the best looking books ever are done in postscript. ....

On my own time, I am a 2D/3D hobbiest. I have various books on OpenGL and Java graphics programming and VRML. Your book will come in handy for this also.

--David Danner
email corresponance

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