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Practical Linear Algebra - A Geometry Toolbox


The Geometry Toolbox
for Graphics and Modeling

by Gerald Farin & Dianne Hansford

published by AK Peters, Ltd. 1998
288 pages, ISBN: 1-56881-074-1

Excerpts & Downloads

Here we provide you with excerpts, postscript figures, and data sets from The Geometry Toolbox. AK Peters was kind enough to allow these files to be freely distributed; please reference their source when using them.

The sample files are provided in postscript or pdf formats. The postscript format is of a better quality. If you don't have a viewer, you can get one for free; see the Ghostscript website.

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Sample chapter:
Affine Maps in 3D
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Sample chapter:
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All excerpts from above in postscript
Postscript figures
Geomview OFF files used in some figures
Data sets