Practical Linear Algebra
A Geometry Toolbox, Second edition

by Gerald Farin & Dianne Hansford

published by A K Peters, Ltd., January 2005
384 pages, ISBN: 1-56881-234-5

Third edition available 20 August 2013

Practical Linear Algebra -- A Geometry Toolbox forms the basis of a first year course in Linear Algebra for non-math majors such as engineers and computer scientists. In addition, this book provides a solid foundation for work in computer graphics and computer aided design. The authors emphasize a geometric and intuitive approach that relies heavily on examples and illustrations rather than the rigorous theorem-proof format used in standard texts.

Special features include:

  • 250 figures which are also available in electronic form,
  • 150 numerical examples,
  • 200 problems---many solutions are in the text and additional problems are on a password-protected instructor’s website,
  • supplementary materials for instructors,
  • a "WYSK" (What You Should Know) section closes each chapter, providing a concise chapter summary which highlights the most important points, giving students focus for their approach to learning.

Take a peek inside: the Table of Contents and Index are available for review.

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A Practical Approach
to Teaching Linear Algebra

by Gerald & Dianne

Published in TIES Magazine
Fall 2005



What's different about our approach to Linear Algebra:

The figures are not included as window dressing, in fact they play an important role in bringing the reader to a robust understanding of the mathematics. However they are not only instructional, they are also fun!

For example, on the right is a crazy Pacman path -- created with linear transformations and a bit of coloration thanks to Postscript

Below, left is an instructional tool used to demonstrate a rotation by 45 degree, and below right is simply a fun example of what we can do with 3D transformations.

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